Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Welcome to my blog..

This blog aims to show the wonders of Eorzea. Throughout the updates I will be showing starting areas, including the 3 main cities unconvering some of the illustrious and diverse landscapes for your viewing pleasure. First however; a little about myself.

As a closed beta applicant, I was very interested in seeing what Final Fantasy XIV had to offer, especially with the game being the second online installment Square Enix had to offer. Now by no means was Final Fantasy XI a flop, far from it infact but as clich├ęd as it sounds, trying to dethrone World of Warcraft as the King of MMORPGs proved a difficult task. SE may have gone and done their homework. They may have made improvements in the mechanics but the blog isn't a stark review into how FFXIV plays - rather a journal into the artistic plethora of sceneries.